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Who we are

Waywire Networks is an integrated platform of quality, human-curated, tech-enabled channels. It leads the way in video curation, a powerful alignment of video discovery and organization for both enterprise customers and consumers looking for quality content.


Waywire was born with a simple mission: to make video discoverable and organized. Give publishers a video curation tool, and the massive noise around video will find coherence. Today, Waywire Networks has two divisions: Enterprise and Consumer.

What we do

Waywire Enterprise

Waywire Enterprise provides a powerful platform that powers many of the web’s most active and successful video curators. From AARP to TimeOut London to New York Magazine, Waywire’s video curation tech is driving discovery and relevance for leading sites and publishers.


Automatic Video Discoveries (AVDs): These automatically-run searches let curators explore high-quality video sources, including AOL, Yahoo, NBC, Youtube, Rightster and CBS. Waywire now delivers HTML5 players and pre-roll inventory that can help publishers monetize their growing mobile audiences.

Waywire provides an integrated video uploader that allow videos to either be hosted on the Waywire CDN or pushed to a third-party player, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove or Ooyala.

Waywire Consumer

On the consumer side, Waywire partners with experts and gives passionate enthusiasts access to technology that was previously only available for thousands of dollars to video curation professionals.

Waywire believes that technology-enabled human video curation is critical to the growth of niche video channels – and the living room OTT flat screen is not far behind. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.