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What do I have to do?

Curating your Waywire channel should NOT feel like an uphill climb - hello, this is something you love! (Unless you love uphill climbing.) Curating consists of what you mostly do online already - searching for videos, watching videos, and sharing the best with your friends on various social media platforms, i.e. Facebook and Twitter.

Using your expertise and dragon-like fervor, you will pick the coolest videos to feature on your Waywire channel and compile your very own playlists. After updating the videos, you jump on your social media platforms, and well, start spreading the news. The more you share your videos and engage with fellow fans, the more your page will grow!

Is this full-time or part-time?

It's your-schedule-time. Our curators work on their own schedules to build their community. You know your passion and your fellow fans, so why not let you work magic independently? That being said, we're always here to help - full of useful tips and ideas on how to get your efforts viewed and talked about.

Can my friend curate or start their own channels?

Yes! We happily welcome referrals, and that is how we meet most of our curators. The only requirements are knowledge and passion for a particular subject, interest and/or love for online video, and an established or growing web presence. For example: You already have a website, blog, YouTube channel, thousands of followers on Twitter, etc.

Is there a trial period?

Absolutely, we give our curators more than a couple of weeks to get used to the site, test it out, and develop a community. If for some reason the curator needs to depart during or after the trial period, he or she is free to do so.

Does it pay?

Successful curators are paid in three ways: karma, brand and thought leadership, and monthly base and revenue share.

We're in pre-launch mode, where our focus is on recruiting and on-boarding curators. Once we begin driving traffic, placing ads on the pages and putting up pre roll - the offering will work like this:

  • Monthly stipend (advance): TBD page goals, 15,000 min(after 90 day ramp up period).
  • Rev share: 20% of all income from your page (including AOL, Yahoo, any other rev share partners) after hitting page goal. The first 15,000 page views will cover our costs to host the channel and support curators.