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Waywire Enterprise is the leading provider of cloud-based video curation solutions for online publishing, brands, and ad networks. Waywire's technology enables websites to curate, upload, and aggregate content. We are powered by the asset that your visitors value most, the knowledge and experience of your teams understanding and passion around your areas of expertise.

We believe that in a world where information is growing exponentially, people are hungry for human curated content that is relevant and contextual.

Video is mission-critical for your site but embracing a role as a content destination doesn't mean you need to become a content creation enterprise. Turning your knowledge in to a curated video experience is quickly becoming a central content strategy. Here at Waywire, we can help you with the technology and know-how.

Tou can have your own video experience: uploading, sharing, creating playlists, making comments, reviewing, easy design templates, content control, site analytics and robust monetization options.

We think the future of video is curated, built by people like you. We're here to help.