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(GD MOBILE Ver. IN 1 HOUR) Geometry Dash 2.11, I got a 144hz monitor but... (Doing Demons+Level rq!)

Support the stream: Geometry Dash 2.11, WAITING FOR GD TO COME OUT ON MOBILE (For now key farming) | Geometry Dash 2.11

GD 2.11 just dropped with its new weekly demon, OP chests, new 2.11 icons, and many other stuff!



No Spamming
No asking for mod (unless You are Sunix/Partition)
No saying levels unless i say you can
No Advertising
No ruining the fun of the stream

Stuff to know about me: I frequently do streams (almost every day) And they consist of: Geometry Dash Level Requests, Geometry Dash Challenges, Geometry Dash Silver Coin Grinding and much more! Consider hitting that sub button because I promise you this will be a fun journey.

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