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Khloe Kardashian Responds to Trump Calling Her A 'Fat Piglet' On 'The Apprentice'

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Khloe Kardashian responds to Trumpâ??s alleged comments during her time on The Apprentice in 2009 and shows everyone what it means to be a Good American
Khloe has a lot to say about Trump after some of his former staffers from The Apprentice spilled the tea on what he said about her when the cameras werenâ??t rolling.

Well, Donald Trump is in the hot seat again. Reports came out over the weekend that Khloe Kardashianâ??s appearance on Season 8 of The Apprentice really bothered Trump. In an interview with Huffington Post, an editor from the show says, â??He basically wanted to just get rid of her. He called her a â??piglet.â??â?%9D He goes on to say that Trump even asked, â??What is this? We canâ??t even get the hot one?â?%9D Ouch. Well these are just allegations from one editor right? Nope. Multiple staffers have confirmed that he said something similar to this. Another source says that, â??When they fired [her], it wasnâ??t on merit, It was on him not liking her.â?%9D They said that Trump went to the staff and asked: â??Whatâ??s the reason we can get her off [the show]?â?%9D We know that Trump isnâ??t afraid to speak his mind, but neither is Khloe. In an interview with Los Angeles Times, she says "I didnâ??t think he was saying those things about me, but he says those comments about a lot of women â?? really derogatory things. Someone who is that simplistic to judge things off of surface is not someone I want running my country.â?%9D Khloe, like most of the Kardashians, is used to being criticized for her image but she doesnâ??t have time to focus on Trumpâ??s alleged comments because sheâ??s focusing on becoming a business mogul herself.
In addition to her reality shows, writing books, and working out, Khloe just officially launched her â??Good Americanâ?%9D denim line during an event hosted by Nordstrom at the Grove in LA. This premium line is size-inclusive and available excusively at Nordstrom and When talking about her line, she told E!, â??I think the selling point for me was having a really wide range of sizes and not trying to segregate people into shopping the plus-size. I really want to break down those barriers and have a denim line for real woman. When I used to shop for premium denim at high-end boutiques, they would go up to a size eight or ten. I want to be able to have denim because even if you're a little bigger, you still want to be trendy and cute and show off your curves." The jeans will be priced between $149-$205 and when you purchase your jeans, you can officially be part of the #GoodSquad. Whatâ??s The Good Squad? According to Khloe, The Good Squad, which includes her BFF Khadijah and Malika, Jordyn Woods, Gabi Gregg and more, â??is a group of badass women who are individuals. Theyâ??re confident within themselves. Enough of this cookie cutter crap. There is no one size fits all.â?%9D There you go Khloe! And when it comes to Donaldâ??s comments and bullying in general, Khloe says, â??Iâ??m a tough cookie. Ninety percent of the time [criticism] doesnâ??t bother me. I can take it. If thatâ??s what it takes to get even just this little group of people to realize how shady and bad and negative that one person is, I can take it.â?%9D
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Before you do that, let us know what you think about Khloeâ??s comments and her new denim line in the comment section below. Then click right over here to see some of your faves experience Laser Hair Removal over on Beauty Trippinâ??. Thanks for watching Clevver News, subscribe if you havenâ??t already. Iâ??m your host Emile Ennis Jr. You can follow me on the Gram and Twitter @emileennisjr. I hope you all have a wonderful day and Iâ??ll see you later. Byeee.

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