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Kris Jenner Gives Update On Kim - Kanye West Cancels Kim's Party

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Following her horrific Paris robbery Kim Kardashian has been keeping a low profile. And by low profile, we mean nonexistent. Kimâ??s sister Khloe made her first big public appearance since the incident launching her Good American denim line and Mom Kris Jenner attended to show her support.

At the event Kris spoke to E! News regarding Kimâ??s current state saying QUOTE, â??Itâ??s a process. One day at a time. Itâ??s a process.â?%9D Weâ??re happy to hear Kim is taking things slow and making time for herself. Kris also shared that Kimâ??s main focus is her children, while Kris is focusing on making Kim feel safe and loved. The Kardashian Momager confirmed Kim will be taking her time returning to the spotlight, so we canâ??t say weâ??re shocked to hear reports that Kanye has cancelled a birthday party he planned for Kim.

Mrs. West will turn 36 on October 21 and her husband had arranged a big lavish celebration, as he usually does. Inside sources told The Sun that Kanye put together a 1920â??s themed bash to be held at The Nice Guy club in LA and is QUOTE, â??...devastated he has to cancel - but his familyâ??s security comes first...Now they will do something very low key instead.â?%9D

The source added that Kim is not in the celebrating mood yet, and Kanye is doing anything he can to make her feel better. Which, apparently, includes replacing some of Kimâ??s stolen jewelry. Kanye has reportedly bought Kim one-of-a-kind 50 thousand dollar Lorraine Schwartz ruby drop earrings. No, we donâ??t think weâ??ll get a peek at those on social media any time soon. We wish Kim a healthy recovery and weâ??re happy to hear her family is doing everything they can right now. Tell us below when YOU think Kim will return to the spotlight? And make sure youâ??re subscribed to Clevver for more Kardashian updates. Now, be sure to check out these awesome couples Halloween costumes- over on Dirty Laundry! Iâ??m your host Meghan Lamontagne Iâ??ll catch you later.

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