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Tyga Gets 'Ill' When Questioned By Judge About Lavish Gifts For Kylie

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According to a TMZ exclusive report, Tyga sat down at a hearing earlier this week so that authorities could decide whether or not he has and or makes enough money to pay off a 200-thousand dollar bill to Jason of Beverly Hills for some diamond encrusted baubles. The question that arose was if Tyga doesnâ??t have enough income to pay for this stuff, how in the world did he just drop like half a million bucks on gifts for Kylie over the last few years. Let me refresh your memory. According to People, Kylieâ??s been gifted a 320-thousand dollar Ferrari, a 189-thousand dollar Maybach and a giant diamond ring. And thatâ??s just the tip of the iceberg. But back to the hearing at hand â?? when Tyga was questioned about these over the top uber expensive gifts, he suddenly became â??extremely ill, lost memory and became confused, telling the lawyer he just couldnâ??t go on.â?%9D The other weird thing is that Kylieâ??s tweeted, snapped and generally shown Tyga a ton of social media love for purchasing these gifts for her. And sheâ??s set to come in for a hearing interview with lawyers on November 1st â?? talk about complicated. We hope everyone is taking their vitamins so theyâ??re up to answering questionsâ?¦so guys, what do you guys think? Was Tyga actually sick or just trying to get out of a tough situation? Honestly, these hearings can be a total beast so I get why heâ??d be exhausted but it seems like something you kind of have to face at some point. But thatâ??s just me. You let me know what you think â?? you know where do it â?? the comments. Then click here get weird with us. Youâ??ll have to watch to understand. Iâ??m Joslyn Davis at Clevver HQ thanks for hanging Iâ??ll catch you later!

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